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Mai Muraguchi

I am a contemporary artist living and practicing in London, where I am currently pursuing Graduate Diploma Programme at the Royal College of Art.


Born in Yamanashi in Japan, I grew up within numerous guidelines of how I ‘should be and behave’. My art practice focuses on the societal pressures placed on individuals who are shaped by social rules, social pressures, and gender biases that, also in my experience, cause dysfunctional family structures resulting in loneliness and feeling neglected. Within my work, I question; what is a ‘good’ relationship amongst members of society? How do early year experiences influence people’s interpersonal behaviour as adults? My art stresses the importance of recognising and recontextualising the perceived boundaries of those constraints and rules that constitute to us as individuals.


To question these idealistic and normative concepts of society, I work with a variety of everyday materials that are often seen as non-traditional, such as cosmetics, plants and sound alongside painting, sculpture, video and installation. The works aim to subvert our perception those normative stereotypes in the world around us by drawing attention to their brutalities.

These questions reflect my own experience of living in Japan and of the fact that I have been at the centre of the industry for over 15 years as an art director and graphic designer, creating what is considered “good” through various media such as magazines, advertising, and branding.


My artistic process links personal history, experiences and memories with a public context that reflects the duality of the individual and society, past and present, and the questioning of traditional concepts. Through my work, it is also an exploration of the notion of spontaneity, which has been excluded as a hostage of ‘good morals’.



Japanese artist based in London.

Royal College of Art (RCA)



Jan. 2024-



24-26. 6. 2024

16-19. 5. 2024

4-6. 5. 2024

20-27.12 12. 2023

18.1-7.3 2022

10.7-5.9 2021

Echoes of Entanglement

Traveling Memories


Solo exhibition "0 - ZERO -"


Tokyo Biennale 2020-2021


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